Annnnd we’re off – almost…

A New Adventure

The last time Joel and I were in New Zealand, we had yet to meet. We missed each others visits by a few months and didn’t end up meeting until a year or so after that. But  the group of Canadians we both went to hang out with ended up being the link that brought us together.

We both fell in love with New Zealand, all it’s beauty, diversity and wonder. Fast-forward about 5 years and here we are planning our trip back!


We are grateful and blessed to have a couple we know staying in our place while we’re away. Not only do we feel our little nest will be taken care of, but we can leave most of our furniture out to be used and enjoyed while we’re adventuring. Amazing.

Gettin’ Ready

Although we have been working on our trip details for a few months now, isn’t it just life to through us a few curveballs? The last month or so has been a bit wild and we only have a few days before the first leg of our trip begins (AAahh!).

Joel has had a few really cool opportunities with work recently and we were able to bundle one of those experiences with a family vacation just last month. My parents had rented a house in Arizona and invited us to have a family Easter there. We had little time to be flexible with, so we decided we would make a stop in Arizona before heading to Texas. There, Joel was able to speak on a panel of copywriters at ConversionXL live, a conference held annually just outside Austin.

We loved Austin. The weather was beautiful and there were lots of sights, activities and food to enjoy. We’ve already made notes on what to see when we go back!

FullSizeRender 2 IMG_8896 IMG_8923

After almost 2 weeks away, we headed home to work a bit more and celebrate the wedding of two of our dear friends. I was lucky enough to be the Matron of Honour for one of my best friends in the world.  Her wedding planning added so much fun and a little extra busyness to our last little while in Canada. Joel was their MC (which seems like a fabulous choice) and I was working away on stagette plans, lending extra help where I can and writing my speech for the reception.

In and amongst this fun time and trying to work lots of sub jobs before we go, my wisdom teeth and jaw started giving me grief. I received the news that I would also have to get all four of my wisdom teeth extracted before we go! SO with little more then two weeks to go before we fly, we got to party at some friends’ wedding, have oral surgery and somehow have the time to work and pack our house up.

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to follow our journey!

We will soon be headed to New Zealand for a grand adventure (with a little stop over in California for some family time on our way). We will undoubtedly miss all our family and friends, but look forward to coming back and making more Canadian memories together soon.

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