California Dreamin’

The First Leg

We packed up our house in a whirlwind and have safely arrived in California for the first stretch of our trip. We had a dedicated crew of family and friends who we literally could not have gotten here without! Wisdom teeth recovery has been more exhausting than anticipated; I could only do so much before having to rest and recharge, so our little army was integral in packing us up and clean our house. We are so grateful and blessed!

The supplies for the next 8 months have been reduced down from a house to: 1 backpack, 1 carry-on suitcase and 1 large suitcase each.



We had the cutest little welcome wagon once we arrived at LAX (another thank you to family members who delivered us to the airport and picked us up on the other end). Our first day included wandering around Santa Monica before resting up in preparation for  lots of lovely California sights and activities.


My cousin and her family are hosting us a for a few days and have been the best hosts. We had 2 tiny tour guides at Disney on our second day here.



Joel had lots of fun re-discovering some of the rides and activities he loved the last time he was at Disneyland as a kid. Uncle Joel enjoyed all the tiny attention and getting to go on lots of rides with a couple of hilarious kiddos.





We have had so much fun so far! Truly blessed to be able to spend time with some favourites.  Along with Disney, we’ve had a tour around the area, tried coffee served in miniature gourmet ice cream cones, had a fabulous French homestyle meal at Petit Trois, hit a show at The Comedy Store and have been able to celebrate Mother’s Day with one of the greatest little mamas I know. Just two more days until we swap the animatronic kiwi birds and Maori culture from ‘It’s a Small World” for the real deal!!

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  1. Glad you have had some fun downtime after the hecticness of the days leading up to this grand adventure. xo

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