A Little Here A Little There

Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last entry¬†and my mom texts me every few days to ask where my next blog post is, so I’d better get to it ūüôā

A 1 Year Old Klettke

October 17th was Joel and my anniversary. We have been married one full and fabulous year, and I figured it’s only appropriate to reflect on this a little bit-particularly as we’ve given nearly half of this year to New Zealand.

Just over a year ago now, the Friday before our wedding- in and amongst moving my stuff to Joel’s house (soon to be ours) and trying to get as organized as possible for our big day- I was blessed to have been treated to nails and some quiet time with some of my favourite ladies.

img_7518  img_7519

Allison, my sisters in law, my mom, mother in law and Oma were all getting their nails done, too (though not pictured) and it was a grounding time to enjoy.

Being nearly 12 000km from some of my biggest supports has been tough at times, but having technology to bring them into our living room via FaceTime, SnapChat, Instagram and Skype (and even just flipping through old photos) have all been true blessings.

Both Joel and I had such a fun time on our wedding day, and it was largely due to our amazing family members, friends and especially-our wedding party. We didn’t raise a finger unnecessarily that day. We had decided- hey, today is not worth the grump and freak-outs… we can’t do anything about it now, so let’s just roll with it, and our crew rose to the occasion and made sure things were stress-free.


Now, the day wasn’t without fault, of course- but much of it was shielded from us, and honestly… I feel it was also covered in prayer.

The morning of our wedding I woke up with a pinch in my back that grew to a bigger problem- I had tried to stretch it out and then attempted to walk around the block to loosen up, but quickly realized that wouldn’t be happening.

For maybe the second time ever in my life, my back was completely out. I couldn’t walk without my leg buckling. I cried-despite holding it together *fairly* well before this, I let is allllllll out.

My cousins and friends who had stayed over with me the night before went into Mama Bear mode and made sure I had everything I needed- massages, back pain pills, coffee, food, a hot bath, prayer… anything necessary¬†to get through the day!

That morning also included 1 particularly grumpy flower girl (G and I attempted to cheer her up by singing “The Wheels on the Bus”) and forgotten flowers, but we were all able to make it to the church in time for another round of prayer before a few deep breaths and a walk down the aisle.

dsc_7695 dsc_9197

dsc_9126       dsc_9394

dsc_9718-2 dsc_7955-edit

The day was beautiful, warm (which is crazy, because there was snow on the ground this year) and full of the best kind of support. We are grateful to have laughed a lot on that day and were blessed beyond words to just… be. What a gift!

I always say that I knew Joel was sweet before we were married, but somehow afterwards I got to see a whole new level of this. Joel is extremely caring, very loyal, funny, sometimes inappropriate, but always a great teammate to have (whether you’re a family member or friend- I’m sure you’ve gotten to see his phenomenal character).

Bringin’ Folks Together

One of the coolest things about this year has been watching two families form one.

dsc_9879  dsc_9908  dsc_9915

I grew up with 2 of the best big brothers anyone could have asked for, and this year I got 2 sisters that I couldn’t have dreamt to be better. I’ve gained so many more aunts, uncles and cousins, a perfect niece and some exceptional¬†in-laws.

In laws who actually like hanging out with my parents, and both sets of parents will often text me pictures of their shared adventures (out for dinner, plays or concerts together). Both Joel’s and my parents will be coming to New Zealand, when we- all together- get to adventure for a month, pretty sweet.

479738_10154062552534311_4151550837027582868_n  12715263_10156508711535632_1825704914563279735_n

[The Lindoff’s got a ¬†formal shot here because this is the only¬†time we’ve all been in one place for¬†maybe¬†2 years now]dsc_9845

Here’s¬†Uncle Joel in action:

img_9168  img_9207   img_9163 img_9233

Whatta Year

It’s been amazing to see the things you can fit into a year.

We were able to chopper over the Jurassic Park Falls in Kauai *while listening to the theme song*


Joel and I both learned that feeding mouldy bread to goats brings him great joy (we’ve since learned that feeding New Zealand chickens¬†has the same effect)


Joel’s face forever changed when he had to get glasses (the blurry vision wasn’t just from swimming with eyes-open too often in the saltwater lagoon at our hotel in Hawaii like we thought, ha)


We were able to attend a couple’s retreat within our first 2 months of marriage- probably a record ūüėõ


We have already accidentally dressed the same


We’ve gone to some hockey games and figured out how to live together having been raised a Flames fan for him and an Oilers fan for me…

img_8262 img_8434

We had birthday parties at our place…


And watched our house come together for Christmas


We even hosted some special guests for the holidays, and they gifted Joel with his first pair of all-his-own skates!

img_8344 img_8342

I got to teach some grade ones about my (new) family


We made our very own gelato flavour (My Chubby Valentine was the stuff of dreams)


We discovered the diner in Austin, TX that ruined all other breakfasts for us


We saw some of our besties get married AND we were both part of the wedding (ah… fun!).

[Bonus: I got to re-use my wedding headband]

img_9098 13051699_10154396412649311_5049378398251492879_n

I lost some teeth and gained extra respect for my husband who took care of me while we were trying to pack up and move 12 000km away

img_9139  img_9142

And then, well I mean… we moved waaaaaaaay far away with a couple of real cool people.


Where some friends came to visit


Joel started shaving his head


I learned to crochet some silly little baby booties for our niece


We’ve met some wonderful friends (who Thanksgiving-ed with us)


And we have just been having lots of fun exploring.


A Spring Anniversary

It’ll likely be the only time we will celebrate our anniversary in the springtime, and we took advantage of the weather and sunshine!

Our anniversary ended up being a real low-key weekend at home while our housemates were on the South Island.

Sunday morning we were up early to take half our group to the bus, so we decided to hit the beach to watch the sun come up. We then grabbed some breakfast, walked around the mount and hit the early service at church.

img_6507 img_6511

We ate well (and oh, so German) that evening and walked on our¬†beach…




…before having¬†our first taste of the classic kiwi, ‘jelly tip’ ice cream treat [it’s¬†essentially a Revello, but the top half-ish of the bar is made of berry jelly- very tasty]. Soon after we feared we would have to eat the whole box as¬†our house lost power for several minutes.


The next morning Joel gifted me with a lovely necklace and we made a big breakfast before the loooooooong walk to the mount for lunch.

Ever since we moved to our Papamoa house, we’ve looked over to the Mount and figured it would be a good idea to walk there some time- all along the beach. So Monday, mid-morning, we headed out!

We started out with big smiles and high hopes… that after about hour 3 started to fade a little. Haha… thankfully we persevered and Joel has had a year to figure out how to manage my grump ūüėõ



It took us 4 hours of walking and we travelled an estimated 17 kms that morning. We were blistered, exhausted and a bit sunburnt by the end of it, but were able to re-charge on burgers and shared a milkshake to recover.


Just like on our honeymoon, our anniversary was spent sharing ice cream (here’s us then)…


…and buying¬†matching shoes. In Hawaii, last year, we both bought some Nikes; this year we got some NZ kicks- Allbirds! I think¬†we’ve started a tradition ūüôā

img_1949  img_1950

It’s been a full year. Lots of ups and downs, but I’m grateful to have my teammate, Joel, to weather the storms and celebrate the sunshine with.

Sands Through the Hourglass

The Canuck Waves Continue

We have truly been blessed with a (near-literal) boatload of visitors who have gifted us with their presence.

The last crew to have found their way to the Southern Hemisphere were Steve and Danielle (who-like us, Brandon and Stacey as well as visitors, Jamie and Michelle-were able to celebrate an anniversary in NZ).

Steve and Danielle landed¬†early one Monday morning, fell into the same Macca’s trap we did upon arrival and boarded a bus to meet us at the Mount.

We were so excited to greet them, we arrived a half hour early- giving us a chance to enjoy the sunshine (one of the only clear, warm days Steve and Danielle had on their entire trip- whoopsies…sorry about that, guys).


We dropped bags off in the car and had a wander around downtown before grabbing a cheap burger at Astrolabe (something that seems to be part of our visitor’s welcome-pack). The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent recouping and refreshing following¬†a whole lot of hours en route.

Rain, Life and more Rain

The day after the fresh Canucks arrived was a day of rain and errands. We had all decided Crumpy would have to see a mechanic for some precautionary work before taking him- brimming with people and packs- around the North Island.

Tuesday morning, I got up early to drop him off and wandered around the mount for a few hours before going back to pick¬†him up. A wave¬†of unfortunate news awaited me,¬†Crumpy needed¬†MORE work and we were left questioning our safety driving much further than the Mount… SO our low-key time¬†commenced: World Cup Hockey and grey, rainy days helped us hunker down and chill.

Wednesday I had made an appointment to go wild and colour my hair. Having a long, loooonnnng line of hairdressers in my family, I have never had anyone other than family so much as wash my hair… like, ever. SO I did my research, had a consultation and set the date! To my surprise my wonderful sisters and mom-in-law treated me to my 30-year-old-gone-wild hairdo ūüôā Thanks again, ladies!

Just over 4 hours¬†and several chapters in my book later… the transformation was complete! My wonderful pal, Becky got pink hair for her 30th and so we were kinda twins for a bit. Our wild and fun hair- might as well, right?!

img_1583 img_1585  img_1589  img_1593

Thursday the rain continued and our car went back to the shop for its¬†necessary repairs. We all went into town, and as life is… our plan of venturing out and walking/bussing to a breakfast spot ended ¬†in a very soggy, itchy speed walk to the closest place that served food!

Thankfully that close spot offered great coffees and an open fire- so not as bad as it could have been! We bussed home for more rainy day hockey-viewing as we waited for the freedom of our 4-wheeled friend.

By mid-afternoon we had Crumpy and a plan to head toward Rotorua for some geothermal fun, a nibbles-dinner at the night market and the Polynesian Spa (another visitor-tradition).

img_1612  img_1616   img_1620

On the Road Again

I admit once more that I am not the biggest Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan. I should probably give the books a read, too- but fantasy, generally, isn’t my genre. BUT¬†I did my best to plot out a bit of a vacation including LOTR stops for our super-fans ūüôā

We ended up having a pretty impressive survey of the North Island in just 5 days.


Friday we started our trek, and made our first stop in Waitomo (where Stacey discovered there were LOTR recordings made in one of the caves, oooooo). We were also completely dazzled by the glowworms and breath-taking caverns!

Cave of Wonders

Both Joel and I had done Waitomo when we were first in NZ all those years ago… but more of the adventurous side of the caves (Al and I did black water rafting, while Joel did a day-long epic which included abseiling and loads of cool things like that), so neither of us had done the more common tour. We were really impressed! Our guide even sang a beautiful Maori song while in the giant open space in the main cave known as the cathedral.

We weren’t allowed to take photos in the caves, so here we are disembarking:

img_1626  img_1632

Once our spelunking was through we went to check out our Airbnb for the night. It was wonderful. Everything from the history of the place, to the design elements, the magazines and movies in the house were amazing. I told the owner I’m pretty sure we’d be BFFs based¬†of the house¬†alone (style and film taste), ha.

The house we stayed in was built by the owner’s grandparents who once ran the General Store in the village,¬†the store has since changed hands, but the house is still in the family. It had lovely windows, lots of space, fresh farm eggs, and a cozy, wood-burning fireplace to enjoy.

Though difficult, we pulled ourselves from the house long enough to check out some more of the Waitomo area. Hoping to find somethings outside the typical, Stacey and I both came across Marokopa Falls. The falls are about 20 mins beyond the village, and just a 10 min walk in from the main road.

It was really mucky and muddy, so we weren’t able to get our usual close-up view (despite Stacey’s best efforts), but we were pleased with the perspective¬†from the main platform!

dsc_1112 dsc_1104

Once we’d seen the Falls, we decided to allow ourselves to be distracted by other roadside turn outs. We were able to go down into a big cave (after yet another 10 min hike in from the main road), which was kinda cool. Then Joel saw a sign for a ‘nature bridge’, which frankly sounded suuuuuuper lame- BUT I’m working on being a good sport, so away we went.

We parked again, off the main road and a short walk led us to the Mangapohue Nature Bridge. Joel really has a keen eye for finding some pretty incredible places (I know I shouldn’t doubt this fact), and the bridge was no different! It’s actually a land bridge that hovers over a stream. Really stunning atmosphere, but also a unique stop along the way.

dsc_1147 dsc_1115 dsc_1129

The pictures don’t do it justice… but if you find yourself in Waitomo, I’d suggest going to check it out.

The rain started up again, just in time for us to be back in our cozy accommodations, we suited up to walk across the road for a fabulous dinner at Huhu (another recommended spot). We were pleased to find this busy little restaurant with lots of gluten free options and local beer on tap.

The rest of our time in Waitomo was spent by¬†the fire, with good coffee in the morning and a necessary viewing of “What We Do in the Shadows” (way-to-go Taika).

Whakapapa and Mt. Doom

After a little re-charge with¬†a slower morning, we were off again to hike around Tongariro National Park. Mount Ngauruhoe is one of the gorgeous peaks featured both in the park as well as in the Lord of the Rings films (where it’s known as Mount Doom, *dun, dun, duuuuu*).

We chose a small hike to do in the area and ended up tramping to Taranaki Falls while enjoying some fab views of the Mount- even catching a glimpse of the top near the end of our trek (rare and wonderful)!

dsc_1162 dsc_1163 dsc_1170 dsc_1173 dsc_0001  dsc_0010  dsc_0022   dsc_1182 dsc_0023       img_1677

It was great to stretch the legs and after some fresh air (and more Gravol) we were back on the road South.

We stayed¬†at another historic home, which is clearly the owner’s passion project- the interior was all chosen to accentual the fabulous 1960s architecture. We played games, ate a lot of Pizza Hut pizza… which probably lead to the toilet problems that first caused Joel and I to hunt for a plunger at 8am on a Sunday morning and eventually to us loosing the battle and moving onward to Wellington (don’t worry, we were responsible about our departure and the owners of the house were impressed with us- we didn’t leave ’em in the lurch).

Well. Wellington Once More

Sunday we headed to Wellington for our second visit and Steve & Danielle’s first. We were able to get into our accommodations early and chatted to the owners a little bit before watching the last period of the hockey game and then¬†headed out to the city.

We wandered around a while¬†near the harbour and were able to take in the last hour of the markets on display before FINALLY (we’ve been encouraged to go by several people since arriving in NZ) checking out the Te Papa museum- which was all together spectacular. We will definitely be back to check out more exhibits, but were grateful to have been able to see¬†a couple anyway- including the phenomenal¬†Gallipoli display (created by the Weta Workshop).

img_1692 img_1691

From there, we headed to Courtenay place to grab some sushi and craft beer. We were glad to take in the city centre a little bit and enjoyed playing games at a quite pub before tracking down the mysterious *french toast sticks* at Burger King.

The next morning we hit the city early for our favourite breakfast at Ti Kouka. We avoiding looming devastation by identifying the rosti in the house hash browns and were able to get our fill before moving on to coffee and soda at Six Barrel Co.(this is also where Joel modelled his attempt at starting a 3 musketeer’s trend-valiant effort, my love).

img_1693  img_1696  img_1698  img_1701  img_1706  img_1708

Continuing on from the CBD, we drove around to Miramar for: some light Peter Jackson stalking (it was very innocent- we just drove by his house and he happened to be looking out his window), lunch with a view at Maranui cafe (I had¬†a killer turmeric chai latte there which was both curious and delicious), a Gandalf/Smaug visit (at the Wellington airport), hunting for sea-glass and blue penguins, then a stop off at Weta Cave-where most of the crew went on a studio tour. Joel and I just hung out and watched the documentary about Weta as well as enjoyed a little walk around the neighbourhood- knowing we’ll be back to Weta again in December with our parents.

img_1717  img_1713

img_3222  img_5264  img_1709 img_1710

Having thoroughly explored the city in our very full day, we retired for the evening, enjoyed some snacks and yet another Taika Waititi film- this time, Eagle vs. Shark. With a low-key evening and early bed time we were ready for a day of hiking the paths of the dead.

Take a Hike

Tuesday morning we were up and out of the house with our Airbnb hosts, ready to wind our way through Wairarapa towards the Putangirua Pinnacles Scenic Reserve which was used in LOTRs for the paths of the dead.

Along the way, we found the tiniest town to stop for fuel (both for the car and to create odd little gas-station lunches for ourselves), and quickly realized that one wee shop along the way is clearly a place for the locals to mingle. Everyone seemed to know everyone else (except us, of course).

Peter Jackson had visited Putangirua Pinnacles as a kid, and we could see why- a rugged coast line lead us to really unusual land formations. Run-off and erosions has eaten away at the gravelly soil and left beautifully haunting cathedral-like cliffs. Really cool area to see!

We hiked along the creek bed for just over an hour and admired the uniqueness of the landscape as we went, again reminded of this country’s¬†vastness and diversity.

dsc_0028  dsc_0033  dsc_0045  dsc_0051  dsc_0054  dsc_0063  dsc_0071  dsc_0073  dsc_0090  dsc_0094

I was clearly quite taken with our surroundings. ¬†When you walk beside these giants, you’re warned to be careful of falling rocks and the cliffs seem to only be held¬†together by malleable, blue-grey clay.

As we walked back, Stacey pointed out the sedimentary rock along the creek that feature¬†loads of seashells, and well… I thought that was pretty neat. We both stopped several times to snap¬†photos.


dsc_0104    dsc_0109

Further on down the road we found Cape Palliser. The Cape offers a couple interesting attractions- the first being a large seal colony, the next is a fabulous lighthouse.

I was reminded of Kaikoura on the South Island, but the seals here seemed to be more camouflaged. We parked the car and started to hike around some of the rocks- hoping to give the seals lots of space so they felt comfortable with us being around. We quickly realized that the seals could really be anywhere! I¬†cautiously toured the area¬†to be sure I wasn’t going to¬†step¬†on¬†a basking seal- which seemed to be around every corner.

At one point I was admiring the coastal rock and after a while, I realized there were a handful of seals on the rocks I’d been checking out. I started counting and found there had been¬†nearly 20 seals in my eyeline the whole time!


dsc_0117    dsc_0132

A short drive and a gentle steam ford from the seals was a real lovely lighthouse… with the staircase from hell. We climbed to the top for some exercise and a magnificent view- thankfully we were able to fight the wind’s attempts to blow us off the hilltop.

dsc_0136 img_1719  dsc_0139 dsc_0149  dsc_0145

From the lighthouse we headed to PaknSave for some dinner staples (don’t worry-¬†we didn’t eat staples for dinner) and continued toward Eketahuna for a rural retreat and a surprising gem of an Airbnb.

We found ourselves at a little country house off the beaten track and we loved it! The place was newly renovated, it had an impressively stocked kitchen, 2 fireplaces that quickly warmed the entire house and provided a quite, quaint stop for us to rest up. We made a feast and enjoyed tim tam slams while sharing all the jokes we could collectively think of.

Wednesday morning we loaded up the car and braced ourselves for a long day of driving. ¬†Just to really get our money’s worth… we had a stopover in Napier to share this beautiful city with friends. Our whirlwind tour included a wander downtown, Mr. D’s donuts, lunch and a chance to watch Canada play in the World Cup (thanks to a friendly barman who allowed us to watch in a quiet pub).

img_1725   img_1731  img_1734  img_1729 img_1736  img_1738  img_1739

Once we had had our fill of Napier, we headed back to Papamoa and all by collapsed upon our arrival. What a road trip!

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Not to waste any time we had together, we were off again the next day for our Hobbiton sequel. There were rainfall warnings in the Bay of Plenty, and we were all a bit wary about going all that¬†way just to be walking around the countryside looking and feeling like drown rats, but… we had already purchased our tickets and didn’t have much option for refund or time to squeeze in the set before Steve and Danielle headed back to Canada. SO with rain gear and hopeful hearts we drove towards Matamata.

The really amazing thing was that because of the rain, every other person who was originally part of our 1:45 tour had cancelled, leaving us with a private tour! This was really cool and even though we’d been before, it gave us a completely new experience.

We were able to take pictures of the landscape without hoards of people in our shots and we interacted more meaningfully with our tour guide (who seemed to be really impressed with Steve and Danielle’s LOTR knowledge).

We even got to see Peter Jackson again!

img_1743  img_1744  img_1748  img_1750  img_1754  img_1775


September 30th this year was my 30th birthday!! Pretty cool.

I had been a bit sad about being here for my *royal birthday* without many¬†friends and family around to¬†celebrate. I’m not usually too big on birthday, really- but this one seemed significant.

I always tend to get a big weepy around my birthday, and this year was no exception. ¬†I ended up having a particularly rough evening and Joel felt like he had to tell me part of his plan so that I didn’t feel like everyone had forgotten me.

Joel really did quite a bit of secret planning, and I am so grateful that he did- what an all star!

He had arranged for family and friends to send me postcards (cards and parcels ended up being a part of the surprise, too) hoping to have 30 arrive for me by my birthday. Even today pieces of mail that arrived and at last count I was at 35 notes/treats/etc!!


Wow, what a blessing I felt so, so loved. Thank you again to all those folks who participated. It really meant the world to me <3

img_0844 img_1780 img_1782

After opening some of my mail, all 6 of us went out to breakfast and Steve and Danielle treated us to our meals (so sweet).

Fun fact- I only just got my ears pierced before my birthday, so it was really nice to get some earrings in some of my parcels (which I continued to open over breakfast)!

img_1561 img_1781

Later that day even more fun things arrived in the mail- like my de-constructed birthday cake… macarons! ¬†Joel had ordered these delicious treats to enjoy straight from Christchurch. ¬†Not only are they scrumptious, but don’t they look lovely?!


After a bit of downtime, Joel surprised me by making dinner reservations at a chic spot in the Mount called Postbank. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal- Joel had this really cool cocktail that came covered in a dome filled with Manuka smoke and we loved trying so many different flavours throughout our meals: venison, pork croquettes, beetroot gnocchi, pork belly.

It was a lovely evening out and I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful husband! He went above and beyond to make me feel special and loved. Thanks, punk.


img_8085 img_1808

This year has been a great one- our wedding, moving waaaayyyyy over here and my 30th have all been real milestones and I can’t imagine what the next year may hold.

Steve and Danielle left the day after my birthday and were able to regroup a little bit in the morning before Brandon and Stacey took them to Auckland for ice cream and their departure. It was a pleasure to have them here, and we hope they had the best time!

Whatta month. Can’t believe we’re less then 3 months away from home now!